Package Origin

Package Origin is server software that works with popular package managers and distribution channels.

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Use Package Origin to provide customers with easier access to your software.

No more gatekeepers. Reclaim your relationship with customers and users.

Package Origin makes it easy for customers to find, try, and update your software. Package Origin is a customer facing service that supports multiple package managers and packaging formats.

Let customers get your software directly from their preferred source:

  • Chocolatey (choco)
  • NuGet v2
  • NuGet v3
  • Synology DSM’s Package Center

No Barriers to Entry

This is all available without submission processes; without third party reviews, curation, and moderation; without unpredictable delays to availablility; and without the risk of sudden changes to a platform’s rules.

How do you feel about your software being listed alongside adverts for competitors’ products and services?

What about on platforms with dubious comments and reviews?

And is it wise to direct your customers to a third party to install your software?

Package Origin is your service, under your control.

Customer Insights

When you offer your own distribution, you regain insights into who, when, and how many customers are downloading your software. Can you say the same about your existing platforms? Who else has this information – and are they profiting from advertising or selling it?

With Package Origin, you can choose to track and analyse as much or as little as you want. Only you will know the statistics behind your software distribution. This can be critical information in measuring your business’s reach and impact.

Simple Deployment

Package Origin itself runs on a wide range of hardware and operating systems. It requires minimal memory and storage on the server. There are no dependencies, large databases, or additional requirements.

Fast to set up and easy to maintain, Package Origin automatically finds and catalogs available software packages from the directories you specify.

See our practical guide to deploying Package Origin as your own package manager service.

Getting Started

Learn how to install and set up Package Origin in our Quick Start and Getting Started guides.